The Big Idea is our Process


Ultimately, the process consists of a series of meetings focused exclusively on getting to know you better and to understand who you are as an investor. We are entirely about the process because the process is entirely about you.

The process starts with a combination of diagnostic questions and answers. Transparency is important during this session, allowing us to fully understand how you see yourself as an investor.

During this time, we introduce you to investments by reviewing a broad range of terminologies and concepts. This will help equip you to fully participate in your financial future using sophisticated and complex investment solutions as you so choose. Our process is designed to help you make this a reality.

Next, we review the original data, providing feedback and comments regarding your responses. Once we are satisfied that we have a complete and accurate picture of you as an investor, we will create your Personal Investment Policy. It will serve as a framework and discipline helping to drive your future investment decisions.

In our experience, there is not just one way to accomplish financial goals. Having said that, we believe there are also many unsuitable and inappropriate choices and we are here to advise and guide you along the way. Our process helps prepare our clients to evaluate the merits of multiple investment solutions, thus empowering them to make informed decisions.

Want To Know Why?
  • Financial advisory services should be process and not product driven.
  • Our process provides ample opportunity for everyone involved to continually evaluate the benefits of the relationship before committing to long term strategies.
  • Remember, what worked yesterday may not work today. We are committed to bringing innovative solutions to the process wherever possible.

  • There is usually more than one way to accomplish ours goals and objectives, however there are many pitfalls and land mines. What we want to do is identify the good options and avoid the ones that are not appropriate or suitable.
  • The most important part of the process is our investment on the front end of the relationship, getting to know and educate you, our client. This allows us to empower our clients to make the best decisions concerning their financial future.

  • Our process is all about helping investors reach a higher level of understanding from basic investment strategies to the more sophisticated and complex investment solutions.
  • It is important that your financial team (financial advisor, CPA and estate planning or tax attorney) act independently, as well as collaboratively with full accountability and transparency. This protects your best interest.
  • We understand that controlling portfolio risk is as important as portfolio performance.

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